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Preventive Care Preserves Smiles at Watertown Dental Health Group

In the past, many people considered declining oral health and tooth loss to be practically inevitable. Today, we’re happy to let you know that maintaining a strong, healthy set of teeth for life is very possible, especially if you have the support of a trusted dental team. Our practice is built on the foundation of quality preventive care, and our general dentists work hard to protect your smile, locate and treat dental problems at the earliest stages, and provide  the information and guidance you need to help your oral health last. Contact our convenient Watertown, NY location today to schedule your first appointment.

Check-ups & Cleanings

Attending a dental check-up and cleaning every six months (or twice each year) is crucial for patients of all ages; if you struggle with periodontal disease or an oversensitivity to tooth decay, more frequent visits may be recommended. Our team’s goal at this time is simple – we want to form a comprehensive understanding of your dental needs and what can be done to correct any existing damage or discomfort. One of our skilled doctors will thoroughly review each tooth, your gums, your bite, your existing restorations, and much more with the help of state-of-the-art technology like digital X-rays.

Undergoing routine cleanings is also important because it allows our talented hygienists to remove decay-causing plaque and tartar from your mouth, as well as minor stains. Patients leave with a smile that feels refreshed and polished!

Patient Education

Helping you better understand the inner workings of your smile and the dental problems that affect it is an important goal for our doctors. After all, we’ve seen firsthand how being an informed participant instead of just a bystander on the journey towards great oral health can help patients maintain their improvements for many years to come. Digital X-rays, intraoral cameras, and other hi-tech tools allow us to show you detailed images of your teeth and gums for informative discussions. Additionally, CAESY is an interactive educational tool we use that explains dental treatments and potential outcomes in easy-to-understand terms. Please don’t hesitate to let our team members know if you have any questions or concerns we can assist you with – we’re here to help!   

Periodontal Treatment

Did you know that periodontal disease (also known as gum disease) is one of the most common health problems in the US? Nearly 80% of the population is assumed to suffer from a mild to severe degree of this oral health condition, and many don’t even realize it. That’s because initial symptoms are often subtle allowing the disease to progress to more advanced and damaging states before it can be diagnosed.

At Watertown Dental Health Group, patients from Adam, NY and surrounding areas find the high quality of periodontal care they need. If we determine during your routine visit that periodontal disease is present, several treatment options are available depending on your current condition, including root scaling and planing, antibiotic therapy, soft tissue laser treatment, and surgical intervention.

Nightguards for TMJ/Bruxism Therapy

Bruxism (also known as teeth grinding) and TMJ disorder are serious conditions that lead to a wide variety of unpleasant symptoms including constant headaches, pain located in the face, neck, or shoulders, and damaged teeth. No one should have to struggle day in and out with these problems, and our team of doctors and staff members are here to help. A custom nightguard can often provide much-needed relief, placing barriers that minimize the effects of harmful tooth and jaw movement while patients rest easy.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Do any of the following symptoms sound familiar?

These are common indicators of sleep apnea, a condition where patients experience a partially or fully blocked airway while asleep, leading to pauses in breathing that occur hundreds of times each night. If you’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnea by your general doctor or a sleep specialist, pay our team a visit here at Watertown Dental Health Group. Instead of having to rely on a cumbersome CPAP machine, many patients with mild to moderate cases get the good night’s rest they need with a personalized oral snoreguard that comfortably repositions the mouth.

Soft-Tissue Laser Dentistry

With our advanced soft tissue laser, many procedures have become simpler, more precise, and more comfortable than ever before! Our doctors effectively treat periodontal disease eliminating bacteria and removing diseased tissue while providing instant sterilization – in fact, bleeding is so minimized most patients don’t require sutures.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are designed to cover the deep chewing grooves of back teeth, effectively “sealing” them shut so food particles and harmful bacteria can’t accumulate as easily. This application process is quick and painless, and patients enjoy this valuable added protection against cavities for up to 10 years with proper maintenance and care.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Tens of thousands of cases of oral cancer are diagnosed every year, and statistics show that nearly half of those patients won’t go on to live more than five years past this point. That’s because this dangerous health condition isn’t often diagnosed until it’s reached advanced stages, leading to decreased chances of a successful recovery. At Watertown Dental Health Group, we provide routine oral cancer screenings for our patients’ safety.

Digital X-Rays

In the past, traditional film X-rays had to be developed slowly, handled with hazardous chemicals, and stored in bulky filing systems. Thankfully, digital technology has transformed this process for the better allowing our team to capture detailed images of your smile and display them in a matter of seconds – no darkrooms required. Better yet, the amount of radiation used is significantly reduced.

Athletic Sportsguards

It’s common to wear helmets and pads when playing sports – but what about something to protect your smile? Dental injuries are sadly common in these situations causing what should be a fun event to end in damage and pain. If you or a loved one is involved in athletic events that could include contact with hard surfaces or other people, please talk to our staff in Watertown about having a custom sportsguard made. With Under Armour Performance Mouthwear, we’re able to go beyond the scope of normal oral appliances alleviating jaw pressure and increasing oxygen flow to the body so you can participate at the highest level possible.

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